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Name: Hal Chambers

Role in Leaper: Director hal blog photo 2

Day in the life of Leaper: Well, for the last three years I been researching Leaper and finding out some amazing facts! The most fun has been finding out all about the life of the Salmon fish from the wonderful Steve Keay! I have been writing the script for the play and casting the actors. The super talented design team and I have been talking about what the show will look like and how the puppets will move. Soon we will start rehearsals and I will direct the brilliant actors and together with the whole team we will create the world premiere of Leaper. There will be some bits which are easy and fun, some bits where we will not know what to do and some bits where we be very stressed! But ‘the show must go on’ and I hope we can create a beautiful piece of theatre for our young audiences.

What do you like most about your job? Making the show! Working with such creative people is very inspiring. And making stories for a living is a real honour. After three years of fundraising, meetings and research, being able to play around with puppets, materials, light and music in the rehearsal room is what it is all about!

hal blog photo 1Why is teaching children about conservation important? Because they are the next generation! Our generation is in danger of leaving our children with a big mess to sort out in our oceans. Let’s go straight to the source! We hope that within our play there is a subtle message about nurturing the good things in our environment for future generations to enjoy and this is something both child and parent can talk about in the car in the way home from the theatre…

Why use theatre? We can quote stats at young people about what is happening in our oceans all day long but with a puppetry performance we can let the visuals and music do the talking. If this is successful, there is a chance we can imprint something on the human heart for years to come.

What part of the show are you most excited about? The section where the Salmon leaps will be pretty epic! Especially as our fish hero has been on such an epic quest and his leaping comes to signify the Salmon’s tenacious spirit of survival. Human beings have done their best to threaten the future of wild fish but the image of a fish flying out of the water to get home is pretty mesmerising.

What sea creature are you most like? I have been told by other members of Tucked In that I snore like a walrus…. so probably a walrus!

hal walrus

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